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We Invite You to Add Your Voice

Welcome to the American Dental Association’s Legislative Action Center! Every day, decisions are made in Washington that can affect dentists, dental students, patients, and the future of dental care in the United States. Make your voice heard and speak out for our profession—sign up today to add your voice to the conversation.

We use our Action Center to send out alerts, inform dentists like you about critical public policy issues that impact the dental profession, and empower our members to use their voices to contact their legislators. By subscribing and becoming an active member, your voice will be directly heard as we speak with One Voice United in Washington to advocate for and with dentists across the United States.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ADPAC at adpac@ada.org.


Thank you for joining us in being an advocate for oral health and dentistry!

Health Care

Whether debating the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or the myriad of other laws that have shaped America’s health care system, one thing is certain: The ADA is pursuing common sense reforms to help prevent oral disease before it starts and reduce the number of adults and children with untreated dental disease.

Student Debt

Working with lawmakers, education leaders, and dental students to help mitigate the alarming levels of educational debt that new dentists face after graduating. This includes reforming parts of the Higher Education Act of 1965, which provides the statutory authority for most federal student loan programs to operate.

McCarran–Ferguson Act

The ADA is calling on Congress to repeal parts of the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945, which permits state-regulated health insurers to ignore some of the competitive rules (i.e., federal antitrust laws) that apply to every other business in the United States.

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In Your State

Our State Government affairs team works with the State Associations to track state legislation and state agency regulations, to keep you up to date on legislation and regulations that can affect your practice.


Click on your state to learn more about ADA in your community.

The ADA Impact

From coast to coast, dentists are making a lasting difference in their communities.

As both medical professionals and community leaders, our members provide the dental

care needed to keep people healthy and smiling while working with elected leaders to help shape

the policies that influence health care across the United States.

Speaking with one voice united, dentists can shape the future of the dental profession and

protect oral health care for millions of fellow Americans.






Voice United